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Ignorance is NOT bliss!

What we don’t know about Domestic Abuse can hurt someone else. This lack of real knowledge prevents too many people from recognizing just who can be an abuser and who can be a victim. And so they just don’t provide the right support and understanding that victims need. Continue reading

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Marriage is all about love, respect and acceptance. And something else?

A successful marriage needs acceptance and effort. Continue reading

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Talking to your Rav about Shalom Bayis

Summary of a conversation between Rabbi Shais Taub and Devora Krasnianski about how to help your Rav help you with Shalom Bayis. Continue reading

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Conversations between Adult Children & Parents

Enjoy your adult child’s company. No matter your shared interests or differences of life choices, you are family and it’s Yom Tov. Create happy and emotionally healthy memories and they’ll always come back home. Continue reading

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