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The Gentle Art of In Law Relationships

On Monday, November 13 8:45PM Eastern, listen in as Devora Krasnianski of Adai Ad talks with Basya Deitsch, a noted relationship coach about this delicate relationship via a conference call The Gentle Art of In Law Relationships.
“You don’t just marry your spouse, you marry the family.” For many this is a blessing. For others, the in-laws can be a point of contention. There’s an art to creating healthy and loving relationships with your in-laws (or at the very least, tolerable relationships).
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Shalom Bayis Week – June 18-23, 2017

Onthe holiday of Shavuos, the yiden ‘married’ Hashem at Matan Torah. The whole month of Sivan is infused with this spirit of marriage and shalom bayis.  In that spirit, CHJCC and Adai Ad instituted a “Shalom Bayis Week”. During this … Continue reading

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How you can help a love one in abusive marriage

    ‘Nechama’ felt helpless. Her gut was telling her that her younger sister ‘Rivky’ was in trouble. She thought she saw the signs, but Rivky never mentioned that anything was amiss. Nechama didn’t know how to bring up the … Continue reading

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